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Our Mission

Equality South Action Fund will recruit, support and elect LGBTQ+ and community allies running for local, county, tribal and statewide offices in Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas and Alabama.

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Our Mission

Equality South will create a region more supportive of LGBTQ+ residents and will foster policies conducive to allowing people to live openly, safely, and proudly.

Our Vision

ES knows that it’s critical to recruit, support and elect members of the LGBTQ+ community to public office with the goal of creating fair, inclusive policies for us all. Visibility at all levels of government paves the way to policies that better represent community perspectives and experiences.
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School Districts: 605
Cities & Municipalities: 835
Out Elected Officials: 5
Registered Voters: 2,218,374

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School Districts: 1,232
Cities & Municipalities: 1,805
Out Elected Officials: 31
Registered Voters: 15,944,184

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School Districts: 179
Cities & Municipalities: 488
Out Elected Officials: 2
Registered Voters: 3,014,127

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School Districts: 289
Cities & Municipalities: 617
Out Elected Officials: 7
Registered Voters: 1,774,596

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School Districts: 157
Cities & Municipalities: 423
Out Elected Officials: 0
Registered Voters: 1,985,928

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School Districts: 180
Cities & Municipalities: 590
Out Elected Officials: 1
Registered Voters: 3,628,165

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